They Collected Trash For Money, But Their Real Treasure Was At Home



“You went to collect trash! Lady Trash!” said the big bully.

She remained quiet. It was true. After school, she and her brother collected trash to earn a few extra dollars. Usually, it was grandma who did that, but she was ailing and they needed to help out.

But after the incident with the bully, she didn’t want to anymore. She was ashamed.


Thankfully, Grandma’s words came to her rescue. “If people laugh at you, you should work even harder. Show them your successes by studying hard.”

She was not the only one trapped in the web of desire. Her brother had stolen his friend’s game because there was no way he could afford one for himself.


One gesture from grandma changed his heart.

They may collect trash to make a living, but they had a real treasure at home — their grandma who made them want to be better people.

Watch ‘Poor Bro, Rich Bro’ by Vinccy Lee Ka-yi (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

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