They Don’t Speak The Same Language. But Something Binds Them Together.



Ravi is a souvenir photographer at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. He walks around with his camera, asking people if they want to get their photographs clicked.

However, call him a photographer and you’ll invite his ire.


According to him, he’s an artist. Photography is not his job, it’s his passion. He doesn’t care about the money. And that’s why this ‘artist’ is deep in debt. Hell, he even owes money to the kid who sells tea to tourists!


One day, he spots a beautiful tourist and is drawn by the sudden urge to photograph her. She doesn’t even speak his language. They are worlds apart.


She agrees to be photographed for his portfolio. He runs off to get it printed for her, but when he returns, she’s gone. But she’s left a message for him.

A message that makes his day. A beautiful message from one artist to another.

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