They Found Something Precious In His Heart. The World Went Berserk.



The surgeons had never seen anything like this before.

They were in the middle of a routine heart surgery, but the first incision on the heart showed something unusual. Very very unusual.


There were windows on the heart.

And through the windows they saw a family. A living, breathing, happy family.


It was only a moment before the news had spread like wildfire.

People were glued to their TVs, computers and smartphones. Everyone wanted to know what was going on.


It was the best kind of reality TV ever.

Except that there was work to be done. The man on the operating table was still in need of medical attention.

A heart transplant, to be precise.

But what would happen to all the entertainment that his ‘old heart’ was providing to the world?


Was there a way to keep that going?

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