These Bullies Ruined Her Life. Now They Get What They Deserve.


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In Chinese supernatural folklore, when a female commits suicide wearing a red dress, it is believed that she does so with the intention of seeking revenge.

Before her untimely end, Xin Yun was the perfect angel and friend. But after that unforgivable stunt they pulled on her, she’s a devil without remorse.

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And she’s going to get the revenge she seeks when the truth comes out…

Watch ‘Silent Sins’ by Christina Choo (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Silent Sins’ won the Best International Film award at the Greenville International Film Festival 2013 and was screened at the Festival De Cannes 2013 in the Short Film Corner. It also took home Best Picture at the 3D Korea International Film Festival 2012 and was the Remi Winner at the 46th Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.

Next, watch Revenge: He hurt her. So she hit back where it hurts most, with black magic.

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