They Had A Great Night. She Kept Coming. And Coming.


Girl At The Door ss1 krk

He doesn’t even remember her name. But she kept coming back… for him.

Jake’s night out was going swimmingly well. One woman scored, lines of coke scored. Then back in bed, he got rough. It was stuff of wildest dreams.

Girl At The Door ss4 krk

The next day, however, was a bit of a blur, as morning afters can be. Unexpectedly, he finds her at his door again.

It was baffling at first. But he wouldn’t have said no to a woman who just walks in. Then it gets really disturbing.

Girl At The Door ss2 krk

Girl At The Door ss3 krk

A sexy date warrants repeats. But not like this.

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Viewer discretion: Contains violence, depiction of drug use and sexual acts. For mature audiences only.

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