They Have Very Different Ideas About What A Real Woman’s Job Is. Who Wins?


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It’s a typical evening at home.

He’s back from work, she’s made dinner. They are having the meal in silence.

But she can’t wait to tell him the exciting news — she’s just received a job offer as a software developer. This is her window to freedom, to dignity. And she’s hoping for his support.

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Except that he’s taken by surprise. He feels he earns enough, and someone needs to be home to look after his parents. Soon, they will have kids and they will need to be taken care of.

That to him, is a real woman’s job. He’s made it clear. He doesn’t want her to take up the job offer.

As she clears the plates, the future flashes through her mind. A burnt resume. A wasted portfolio. Housework. Television. The mind-numbing daily routine.

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And then suddenly, she has a vision of her future self.

What will she decide?

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Some food for thought: women comprise 50% of India’s population and contribute to 70% of India’s work hours. But still they earn only 10% of India’s salary and own only 1% of the wealth. Where is the equality?

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