She Saw How Miserable Her Brother Was, Gave Her Shoulder To Lean On



“I’m only coming inside if you don’t get divorced.”

Fiona’s younger brother is refusing to get out of the car.

He is too young to understand that things have gone too far. His parents are getting a divorce and his leaving or not leaving the car is not going a difference.


As their parents split up their stuff, Fiona looks out of the window. Her brother is defiantly still in the car.

“Let him be. He will come inside when he’s hungry,” says their father.

But she can’t let him be.

Especially not now.


She knows he’s cold, hungry and miserable. And that from now on, she’s going to be the one looking out for him.


A blanket, a book, some chocolate… and a sibling. Sometimes that’s all you need to get through life.

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