They Defied Time, Space And Age So They Could Be Together



After centuries of stasis, Hugh wakes up a younger, healthier version of himself. The last thing he remembered was dying of inoperable Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, one day before his 70th birthday. But the cryonic preservation was a success, and he now has a fresh new lease on life.

As does his wife, Candace.


In the time they’ve been asleep, the world has gone through a remarkable evolution, and transitioning isn’t easy. Gone are their children and their friends, and in their place, a shiny utopia where they are treated as pieces of living history.



It’s not often you get a second chance at life and Candace is enjoying the process of rediscovering herself. Hugh on the other hand, is left out of sorts.

As a electronics technician in the navy who is used to earning his keep, he’s a relic in this future of fabrications. His health and youth may have been restored, but navigating this second life is a challenge, especially when there is so much change and unfamiliarity around him.


They did this so they could be together. Except while they managed to preserve who they were, who they are now isn’t the same anymore. They made a lifetime commitment to each other, but what happens to that promise when they’ve lived two lifetimes?

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‘New’ was awarded the 2014 “Critic’s Award for Excellence” for Best Short Film at the FilmFest Twain and it was also the official selection for 2015 World Science Fiction Convention Film Festival and 2014 Napa Valley Film Festival. For more information, click here.

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