He Didn’t Stop Loving Her. He Believed They Were Meant For Each Other.


Infinite Sun SS_01

His heart belonged to her. From the first time they met as kids.

Her big eyes and bright smile are the sun rays that light up his life.

Infinite Sun SS_03

Even after she’s moved away to Manila. And he’s gone on to be a seafarer crossing the seas.

Infinite Sun SS_04

He’s never told her how he felt. And he lives with that regret.

And now she’s back…

Infinite Sun SS_05

This is Chester’s story.

Watch ‘The Infinite Sun’ (Ang Walay Kahumanang Adlaw) by Glenmark C. Doromal on Viddsee:

‘Infinite Sun’ was a multi-festival winner drawing plaudits at the Cinesb Film Festival 2014 fo, The Inquirer: Indie Bravo! Fullybooked Film Festival 2014, IndPanda International Film Festival 2014 (Hong Kong), Cinemarehiyon 2014 and 37th Gawad Urian – 2014. The short swept the Mindanao Film Festival 2013 with wins for Best Film, Best Director, Best Production Design, Best Musical Scoring, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

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