They Sell Lottery Results, But They’re In A Lottery of Their Own


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These Vietnamese boys sell the lottery results. Ironically, they are in a lottery of their own: who can sell the most tickets.

Their chase, which begins at 16:30 every day, is set against the gritty streets of Vietnam. They are fiercely competitive, but when someone gets one of their own — they fight back.

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They fight back, then get get back into the game, against each other.

And even as rivals — in a game of winners and losers — they show grace.

Watch ‘16:30’ by Trần Dũng Thanh Huy (Vietnam) on Viddsee:

16:30 was the Official Selection at the Yxine Film Festival International Competition, an annual online international short film festival that aims to promote their slogan “Sharing. Love. Cinema.” among young independent filmmakers and cinema lovers.

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