They Suspect Their New Teacher Is An Alien. Proving It Is Not Easy.



O, Bee and Wan are the best of friends. They are also the most mischievous boys in school, with most of the creative ideas stemming from O’s overactive imagination.

They live in a small town, known for its corn fields. And lately, the corn from the fields has been disappearing.

O has a hypothesis about this. That their new teacher is an alien who has been stealing the corn. He is fairly certain, but he needs to find a way to prove it.


O is crazy about space and aliens. He has read every book and watched every movie on the subject. So he tries out his ideas, some very extreme ones, to try and prove that Teacher Saran is indeed an alien.


Needless to say, every attempt of the boys lands them in the principal’s office.

Can they solve the mystery of the missing corn? Is Teacher Saran really an alien?

Watch ‘Once Upon A Time In Tungyahlaum’ by Natthapat Kraitrujphon on Viddsee:

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