They Told Him It Was An Animal, A Fox. But He Knew What He Heard.


Guard I Am SS_04

It was a dark and foggy night. Amir is the lone soldier on guard at the outpost.

All is quiet until he sees some movement up in the fields. He swears he hears footsteps in the distance as well.

Guard I Am SS_02

It’s the perfect recipe for a horror movie, but Amir is a soldier and in the army, there’s no room for fiction, just protocols to follow.

HQ tells him that it’s an animal, possibly a fox. Nothing to worry about.

Guard I Am SS_03

But his gut tells him all is not right. He only has to hang on for one more hour before his replacement reports for duty.

Is his mind merely playing tricks on him? Or does the dark night hide something sinister?

Watch ‘Guard I Am’ by Shai Itzhar (Israel) on Viddsee:

‘Guard I Am’ was screened and nominated at the UTOPIA Film Festival 2014 (The Tel Aviv International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film) and ICON Festival 2014 (The 18th Film Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film).

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