They Were Outcasts Spurned By The School. But They Had Each Other.


1997 SS_04-krk

Do you remember the sweet naiveté of childhood?

Where inconspicuous things like erasers, marbles and little rice bags became an endless source of entertainment?

1997 SS_01-krk

When a basketball court was a veritable stadium, rules be damned, ready to transform to the arena you need?

1997 SS_05-krk

What it felt like to hear that last ring of the school bell, signalling the end of the day?

1997 SS_03-krk

Here’s a love letter to those simpler times, seen through the eyes of 2 outcasts who find a friend in each other.

1997 SS_02-krk

It’s a sweet jaunt down memory lane that’ll leave a smile on your face.

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