There Was A Look In His Eyes. This Driver Could Be The Serial Killer!


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Max and Ru find themselves in the back seat of a stranger who claims he’s a friend of a friend. The couple are in town for different reasons: Max is attending a talk by Dr Janno, the author of Forensic Science, Ru was there just for the sights.

But as their journey continues, Max suspects that the driver could be the notorious Zodiac Killer. The gear in his car, his personality, and many ominous clues led him to conclude that they were going to die that day.

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Trapped by bad weather, imagination and paranoia, Max and Ru begin to plan their end and the subsequent crime scene investigation after their death.

They were right, there was something fishy about the mystery man!

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Tiny Inventions are husband and wife team Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata, and this animation is said to be based on a true story. Check out more about the film here, including amazing production and behind-the-scenes notes!

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