The Zombies Are Coming, But The Lens Flare Is Strong In This One


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Renée is trying to shoot a movie, but everything seems to be getting in the way of her happy ending.

The sun is setting, the crew is uneasy, and she’s being told to replace the kissing scene with a more “realistic” ending.

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So when an uninvited guest disrupts the set, Renée snaps. She’s trying to make a goddamn romance movie in this glum godforsaken world. She deserves the happy ending she wants, even if she has to gut some brains to get it.

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In her world, people don’t need realism. People need all the love, hope, and escapism they can get. And plenty of guns.

Watch ‘Period Piece’ by James McLellan (United States) on Viddsee:

Warning: Contains depictions of blood and gore. Viewer discretion advised.

‘Period Piece’ has won Best Canadian Short Film at Toronto Afterdark Audience Choice and Best Manitoba Short Film at Gimli Film Festival.

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