[Top 5 of 2014] This Thief Finally Faces Up To The Truth & Her Family


The Brighter Day Top5 KRK

Merry Christmas everyone! Are you still digesting that food? Great! Let’s take a quick snapshot of what you loved on Viddsee this year.

Guilt, love, faith, redemption & difficult choices were the most popular short films on Viddsee.

This is the first of our Top 5 Favourites of 2014, a short film from Taiwan about a woman’s painful homecoming.

The Brighter Day SS1 Rewrte

A successful career woman drives home, stonily, to confront 11 years of absence in her family. She went to the big city to pursue her dreams with stolen money and unfulfilled dreams.

It’s a long journey home, and she finally makes it back.

Will she find forgiveness?

Watch ‘The Brighter Day’ 《晴朗的日子》by Chiu Chui-Lung 邱垂龙 on Viddsee:

‘The Brighter Day’ by Chiu Chui-Lung was an official selection at the 36th Taiwan Golden Harvest Award.

Here are the other four short films you loved in 2014: ‘CINtA’ by Steven Facius Winata (Indonesia), ‘As He Sleeps’ by Sheron Dayoc (Philippines), ‘Gift’ by Daniel Yam (Singapore), ‘Sangkar’ by Sharifah Amani (Malaysia)


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