This Anaemic Vampire Needs To Hunt Down Virgin Men. It Won’t Be Easy!


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Two female vampires are awakened from deep slumber, back into the realm of the living. They roam among human beings, looking for prey, their next meal.

One of the two vampires have a specific dietary requirement — she can only digest the blood of virgin men. Nothing else works, and she’s allergic to any other kind of blood.

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The coven of vampires scatter to hunt down this one last virgin man they encountered. There was a problem — he has a girlfriend, and the state of his purity could very soon be tarnished.

They had to act fast.

They first asked very politely for an audience with their target, but were rebuffed by the him and his girlfriend.

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Weakened by anaemia and a violent allergic reaction to defiled blood, the vampires regroup and head to the girlfriend’s home.

No time was wasted.

They didn’t bother asking for permission. The girlfriend fought back. The man was hers, and nobody else could have him.

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It was a bloody end.

Watch ‘Anemia’ by Maya Kato (Japan) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains violence and nudity

Maya’s horror film is part of our Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo channel on Viddsee.

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