This Blind Man Wants To Be An Artist. Is He Living In A Dream World?


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There’s no place in the art world for a blind artist.

It’s just impossible.

Today is Behnam Azar’s big day — the unveiling of his artwork and their new home gallery.

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He’s excited but apprehensive. He wants to see others’ reactions to his art, but he does not want to be pitied for his disability.

The gallery is full of visitors but things are not going too well. There is judgement, and it’s harsh and hurtful.

Palpation ss2 krk

There’s no value in his work, the learned and moneyed collectors say. His work is rubbish, unqualified to be even called abstract art.

His spirits fall. His wife is angry with him for not defending his art and he is angry with himself for wasting everyone’s time.

Palpation ss1 krk

Maybe they were right. He’s living in a bubble, a fantasy world. And just then, his daughter comes and unveils the last painting, as he had promised she would be the first to see it.

Palpation ss4 krk

He wasn’t a joke.

He was living the dream all the while…

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