This Boy Would Rather Live On The Run Than To Live With Injustice


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They wanted to survive, at any cost.

This Iraqi family avoided deportation narrowly, thanks to Saman, the youngest boy of the family. He fled when the authorities arrived, befriended a local waffle vendor, and became a stowaway in his truck.

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Saman befriended the waffle vendor, Jan. Because of his family’s circumstances, Jan accepted his family in his home too.

The arrangement was meant to be temporary, but they stretched Jan’s kindness to its limit.

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Jan gave them an ultimatum — to leave in two days.

Desperate, Saman’s mum tried everything she could think of. She was pregnant. There was no way she could survive on the streets, living on the run.

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Through a series of betrayals, here’s how this family bit the hand that fed them. Twice.

Saman chose his family, and he chose to be on the run.

Watch ‘Nan’ by Sahim Omar Khalifa (Belgium) on Viddsee:

Sahim’s graduation won the VAF Wildcard by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) at the Leuven International Short Film Festival.

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