This Bullied Boy Scrawled “Help” On A $100 Note. Nobody Blinked.


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Here’s a dark psychological thriller about a bullied schoolboy.

Lin You Da gets bullied daily but he has no one to turn to. His gets robbed, beaten up. His teachers turn a blind eye and his mum simply didn’t have time.

He gets it all out on pen and paper in unsent letters to his absent dad, who went missing after a hit and run with a passenger train.

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He doesn’t vent his frustrations in these letters. Instead, he repeated untruths, trapped in a cycle of denial.

He tried to seek for help, but was silenced and ignored. He scrawled “help” on a $100 note, but nobody blinked.

When he discovered several rolls of $100 notes in his house, he decided to appeal to higher force.

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This time, he wrote to someone who was stronger, badder and bigger than all his bullies put together.

Finally, his appeals are heard. His misery began and ended at the train tracks.

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But when it was all over, he was still broken and alone.

Watch ‘Fleshly Meat Pies’ by Yao-sheng Chang & Kassey C.M. Huang (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Fleshly Meat Pies’ won Best Actor of Student Film at the Golden Harvest Award in Taiwan.

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