This Cannibalistic Crime Drama Is Viddsee Shortee April 2017


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Two detectives on the case of an ongoing investigation about a cannibalistic murderer looked out at the cafe where they were having a break. They’re distracted by the twanging of a thumb piano from a blind beggar on the street.

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They wouldn’t have given her a second glance but they noticed that she mocked passers-by, indiscriminately calling them animal names.

The two detectives observed a pattern: the names of the animals corresponded to the passers-by’s body size. But they detected an irregularity, and it stumped them. They couldn’t figure out the beggar, nor could they solve the murders.

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Frustrated and seeking answers, they decided to confront her, since she was closest to them of the two mysteries.

Her answer was, indeed, close to home.

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Watch ‘The Eyeless Beggar’ by Jeiji Joned (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

Director: Jeiji Joned
Unit: Fendy Nugroho
Script Writer: Debby Sulistiana
Art Director, Supervisor: Wandhono Trinugroho
Lighting Director: Brian Michael
Cast: Yanti Joned (Eyeless Beggar), Badrian Noviansyah (Yudi), Didet Jonet (Andi), Adrian Oktomayora Tambunan (Reporter)

The Eyeless Beggar Theme Song: Written by Jeiji Joned
Performed & Composed by: Jeiji Joned, Lindo Habie Ramadhansyah

‘The Eyeless Beggar’ was the most-watched, most-loved short film last month, and it’s our April Viddsee Shortee!

It also won Best Short Film and Best Story at the Festival Short Cinema in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the Best Favorite Film – Prestlist 7: Youth Sineas Awards at the Mayapadma Journalistic Park in Bali, Indonesia.

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