He’s A Man Of Few Words, But She Knew She Now Had A New Home


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Meiling finally got her vacation in Okinawa, but this ramshackle inn was not the five-star hotel she paid for.

She’s a busy Taiwanese actress with high standards — she arrived with full mascara, full sundress and full sashay — and this shabby accommodation didn’t cut it.

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Reluctantly, she stayed on and found some comfort in the simplicity of her surroundings.

It was a warmth she hasn’t felt in a while. Her hosts led a humble life, but the life of a celebrity was even lower.

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She bonds with the staff chauffeur, Ai, a young man who was adopted by the owner.

Coincidentally, she learns that her family name sounded phonetically similar to his name. His name meant “love”, her family name was the colour “indigo blue” in Japanese.

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That’s where their similarities ended, because Meiling didn’t get to know him any better. She belittled and judged him and his lifestyle before he could defend himself.

It was only the next day when she realised that her guard was always up, and that she couldn’t be gentle even to herself.


Ai was a man of few words, but as they gazed at the horizon that day, where the blues of the ocean met the blues of the skies, she understood that she would always be welcomed back, home.

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