This Customer’s Behaviour In A Pet Shop Was Mind Boggling. Why So Rude?


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The bird shop owner is not having a good day.

He’s not made a single sale so far. He’s spent all day trying to market the caged birds and animals, answering questions, bargaining unproductively, shooing away window-shoppers, and generally yelling at anyone in his path.

Along comes this rather strange customer.

Qafas ss5 krk

You can tell at one glance that there is something not quite right about him. His clothes, his mannerisms, the way he looks at the birds and touches the cages, the uncertainty he shows when trying to decide what to buy, the furtive glances he’s throwing all around himself.

Yep, something’s definitely not right.

Qafas ss3 krk

He finally decides on a dove, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy it. The shopkeeper, thrilled at the idea of a sale, agrees on the price, and the man pays up.

But before he leaves, he asks a rather strange question. And has a rather strange outburst. It doesn’t make any sense.

What is he up to? What is going through his mind? And what is he going to do to the dove?

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