This Father & Son Love Each Other, But Don’t Speak The Same Language


Our Steps SS_04

The long and muggy summer days were a blessing for Chung and his friends. With school out, they were free to play, fish and roam to their heart’s content. Without a care in the world.

Our Steps SS_03

The hot sun bears down on Chung’s father’s back too, but with different weight. As a rat catcher, his task is hard and menial and the heat of the summer is relentless, as is his growing worries about Chung’s future.

As a single father with limited skills, he takes on a second job with the new goal of sending Chung to the UK for a better life.

Our Steps SS_01

It’s too bad that his son doesn’t understand his father’s hopes. And decides to run away…

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This short film won two awards in Hong Kong, the Jury’s Award at the 4th Annual University Student Film and TV Awards in the Greater China Region, and a Special Mentions Award at the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards.

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