Women Have A Place. It Was Time His Wild Sister Learned Hers.



He only wanted the best for his family: A secure life and a better environment to live in. Migrating to Canada seemed like the perfect way to attain his dreams. But raising his family in a different country, changed the family that he once knew.


This Afghani father struggled to keep his role as the head of the family. His strict and conservative views clashed with the liberal western views that his family was slowly adapting.


His daughter especially was unapologetic for her new found independence. And the more he tried to push his ideals to her, the more she pulled away.



One evening, he finally draws the line and regains control. But his family realises the real cost of getting their daughter back.

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Sahar is written and directed by Afghan-Canadian filmmaker, Alexander Farah. Farah wrote the film after reading about the culture of honour killings and its real life occurrence in 2012 in Ontario, Canada.

The film has travelled across film festivals globally and won 3 awards; Best Director, Best Actor, Best Student Film at the 2014 Vancouver Short Film Festival 2014. It also was awarded the Best Student Film at the 2015 Yorkton Film Festival. Learn about the film here.

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