This Guy’s Ex Made Him Doubt Himself. Here’s Viddsee Shortee Oct 2015!


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There’s Kate, his fiancée. Then there’s Gloria, the ex.

Should he hold out for the woman of his dreams, or should he marry and commit because he’s pledged to do so?

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Leo’s idea of a dream woman is someone he can go crazy with. Someone with the enigmatic personality of his ex, whom he has completely forgotten… until he bumps into her again at a party.

He’s in shock.

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He flashes back to all the good times they had together. In the spur of the moment, he says that he misses her.

Gloria reminded him that they were a thing of a past. They’ve had good times, but most of all, Gloria taught him to see differently.

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To see her in a different light, to see himself in a different light.

Watch ‘Gloria’ by Macca Chan (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

Written, Produced & Directed by: Macca Chan
Director of Photography: Jay Jonathan
Actors: Vincent Luk (Leo), Amber Cheung (Gloria), Francisca Ip (Kate)

Gloria is our Viddsee Shortee for October 2015.

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