His Insta-Perfect Life Is Turning Out To Be As Fake As His Glasses


If you looked up the definition of ‘hipster’ in the dictionary, Jamie’s face would be in there serving as the perfect illustration of the word.


Here’s a guy with cuffed pants, riding his vintage bicycle to work at cafes on his MacBook. He loves photography and is never seen without a cup of coffee in his hand.

It’s a charmed life, made better by Belle, the cute server at the cafe he frequents everyday.


Life is blissful, but it also turns out to be as fake as the lensless glasses he wears.


Suddenly, he realises what a sham his entire life is. He may love his coffee, but not like this, with them appearing out of nowhere, this seemingly endless supply.


It’s all one giant conspiracy, of which he and Belle are pawns in the story. Here’s a boy-meets-girl-over-coffee story that is unlike anything you’ve seen.

Watch ‘The Great Escape From Cafe City’ by John Hsu (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

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