She Discovered Mom’s Secret Sacrifice, The Power Of Her Unselfish Heart



No one would ever confuse Rainie and her mother for sisters, they just didn’t have that type of mother-daughter bond. Hence, her homecoming to assist her ill mother was as pleasant as lying on a bed of nails is.


Growing up, Rainie’s mother worked as the school cleaner, a fact that served as fodder for the vicious bullies in her class.


She was never able to understand why her mother seemed content with this inferior role. Or why even though she was the only child, she was never pampered or given special attention.


The truth finally dawns on her when she accompanies her mother to attend an exhibition showcasing women’s contribution to the nation.


Her humble mother hid so many beautiful secrets. Her entire life was one big sacrifice, to her, the people around her, and the greater good.

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