This Incompetent Gangster-Wannabe Keeps Landing In Trouble



Yan is spending a lot of time on his knees today. Grovelling to a mob boss for mercy after he botches up their massive drug deal.


Pleading for help from his wily mother, once a notorious mobster herself. Yan is now in huge debt to the mob. Without her guidance, nasty things would happen to him.


Laiha offers a solution even her untalented son can’t botch up — rob a thug and his wife of their designer handbag collection. Laiha even demonstrated how easy it would be by stealing one herself, earning an easy twenty thousand dollars in the bag.



However, Yan’s botched efforts continue. While he managed to secure (only) one designer bag, it came stuffed with their neighbour’s head. She must have been murdered by the thug! It won’t be long before he realises this is missing…



They set out on their next money-making scheme. Blackmail the thug for more money with this stolen evidence! Maybe the third time will be the charm!



Or, it could end with meeting the spirit of their dead neighbour.

And a showdown between thugs and mobsters in the neighbourhood.

Where is Yan in all this?


Where he belongs: in over his head, on his knees.

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