This Is A Story About A Househusband In Japan. A Story On Love.


Three Steps Behind ss1 krk

She’s pregnant. His life will now change.

Manami is expecting, and she’s finding it hard to convince Hayato to quit his part-time job to stay home as a househusband.

The advantages: she has a steady job, she earns more, she can provide for all three of them. The disadvantages: his pride is at stake, the likelihood of him finding better paying jobs are slim.

Three Steps Behind ss2 krk

Hayato isn’t cut out for this, but even his mates say he’s being a bore by simply resisting. It’s the new age now, and he’s just being petty.

Three Steps Behind ss3 krk

Three Steps Behind ss4 krk

Pride, vanity. There are more important things than that.

Here’s how he became the man of the house.

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