This Is Familiar, Because You Can’t Win All The Time With Parents


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Rano only visits home when he’s inconvenienced with his life, says his mom. Tonight, after a series of misfortunes, he finds himself on the way home. Mum cautions him to be extra nice to his father, because, well he’s his father.

Maybe he didn’t want to go home because the arguments would be too familiar. Petty, and familiar. He tried to sneak past his dad, but dad called out in that same tone we all know – can someone help me with this piece of technology? In this case, how to save a document.

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Rano tries his best to be unhelpful.

But that night, he remembered how his dad helped him be the man he wanted to be.

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It wasn’t just about saving a document, or about who was right. Family life wasn’t just about winning.

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