This Is Japan’s Ramen Welcoming Committee. Slurp, Don’t Be Rude!



Only in Japan are you able to get piping hot ramen delivered to your doorstep, in individual bowls, and with soup intact.

The science is meticulous, the obsession, thorough. Japan is a nation of ramen maniacs, and the engineering of the insulated and shock-proof motorcycles are a marvel to outsiders, but to everyday Japanese, it’s just a way of life.


Japan’s casual addiction to the hearty broth and chewy noodles captured in the documentary ‘Ramenomania’, is a testament to how ramen isn’t just food, it’s a religious experience.

One of the profiled is Kenji Tsukada, aka Ramen Magician, who’s invited to represent ramen chefs at a Japanese food showcase in Singapore.


Not content to reproduce one of the 700 recipes invented in his 28 years as a chef, he’s back in the kitchen trying to crack what could be the most important ramen dish of his illustrious career.

Kenji takes on this mission seriously. It’s more than his ego at stake; it’s a matter of national pride. In his quest for a great bowl of ramen, he defers to the classics perfected across generations.


He heads to the world’s best noodle champions where handcrafted noodles dry in carefully controlled temperature and humidity. He hunts down a town in outskirts Japan where crystal clear water has resulted in the finest free-range chickens. And for the perfect soy sauce, he goes to a brewer who has been using the same vats for over a century. No effort is too great for the best ingredients.


With his building blocks in hand, he has to consider the qualities of Singapore that he wants to infuse. This creation will blend both centuries-old Japanese tradition with the rich Singaporean history. The result will certainly be something to slurp up.

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