She Had Erased A Lot Of Memories, He Was One She Could Not Delete


Beautiful Timeline ss6 krk.jpg

Pictures didn’t lie, and on her social media feed, Stephanie’s daily shopping sprees and puckered-up selfies were the cause of envy among her friends.

It was a beautiful world, a lie that she gets called out on.

Beautiful Timeline ss5 krk.jpg

A new button on her social media feed offered a way to delete the nasty comments. It worked instantly and with a single tap, they disappeared.

It was too easy to curate the perfect timeline with this new feature, so she went on a spring cleaning spree.

Beautiful Timeline ss12 krk.jpg

All her unflattering pictures and annoying friends were gone. The power was thrilling. Only, she went too far.

In deleting all the imperfect parts of her life, she lost what she loved most.

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