This Robot Got Caught Taking More Than Its Fair Share


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Don’t be fooled by those robotic puppy eyes…

Two mining robots in a desolate universe are competing for the same mineral. The smaller robot is powered by solar energy, the larger, by nuclear. One has the ability to detect minerals, the other has the ability to smash rocks into pieces.

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Wire Cutters ss4 krk

They’re of different makes and makers, but they decide to stop competing and cooperate, divvying up their finds equally.

Soon, the challenge becomes more obvious.

Wire Cutters ss5 krk

Wire Cutters ss6 krk

The robots realize that maybe they may have made the wrong decision. Their decisions became more human.

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Jack says that he put over 2000 hours into the short film, completing only about 3 seconds of per day. This is his thesis film at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. The film won the Grand Jury Prize Best Student film at the Nashville Film Festival, Best Animated Film at the Sonoma International Film Festival and Best Achievement in Animation at the 2004 Cecil Awards.

More about Jack & his team here.

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