This Is When Boys Should Fight. And Fight Back.


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A troubled young boy, Matteo, hid behind a mask he sewed for himself. He never takes it off, and it becomes an exasperation for his mother and a concern at school.

He’s adamant about taking on a local wrestler’s character, The Tiger. Everyone elese thought he was just misbehaving, being difficult, or acting out.

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It was, in truth, a cry for help.

Sneaking off to watch his hero fight inspired him. He takes charge of this fantasy and makes it a reality — the Tiger Boy.

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This is when boys should fight. And fight back.

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Tiger Boy won the Renault Award for Best International Short Film at the Flickerfest International Film Festival, the Grand Prix du Film Court de la Ville de Brest at the Brest European Short Film Festival. It was also awarded in Italy, winning the Nastro d’Argento (Siver Ribbon) for Best Short Film, and coming in second at the Giffoni Film Festival 2012 in the section Generator +13.

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