This Is Why Visiting Grandma Isn’t Enough. You’re Forgetting Something.


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The phone’s off the hook, but Grandma called everyone she knew — or thought she knew.

Her memory is failing and she remembers very little. What she did remember was very specific: a type of vegetable, dinner dishes, toothpaste, a leaky water tap that needs to be turned off… and it goes on.

And she remembers herself, through the ages. But not in the present.

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It’s annoying to say the least. Her children are keen to do the best by her, hiring a maid who lives with her and cares for her, and being conscientious about taking her medication is on schedule.

They do their part too, by visiting and spending time her, but it gets unbearable to have a proper conversation with her.

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But ‘managing’ the elderly wasn’t just about doing the right by how they wanted to.

If grandma has lost her marbles, the key was to play along, until she comes home.

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