This Kid Is Initiated Into The Horrors Of Nature & Maturity. Inside A Cocoon.


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Mummy’s gone.

Alex is left alone in an underground parking lot. He’s abandoned temporarily as his mum heads out for a doctor’s appointment.

He wanders along the unnaturally-lit corridors, catching glimpses of other adults and what he thinks are his mum’s red heels.

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A mysterious security guard finds him and invites him into his lair. This is when his existential nightmare really begins.

Growing up, adolescence, puberty – all that is traumatic. Nobody knows what to expect, even when we do know what happens naturally.

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Alex stumbles upon an uncommon and unnatural discovery — discarded shoes of young children, wee sizes, different colours, shoes not much different from his.

The horror is unspeakable.

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He manages to escape and return to his mum, and head off back home before he is caught.

But even his mum wasn’t the same anymore.

Watch ‘Cocoon’ by Peleg Levi (Israel) on Viddsee:

‘Cocoon’ received the Citation Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Award of Excellence at the Canada International Film Festival.

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