This Little Piggy Went To The City… And It Wasn’t Pleasant.



This little piggy was finally leaving his small village for the big city. Nerves mingled with excitement as he thought about the fine dining, fast cars and flashy living that awaited his near future.


Yet his first taste of the city doesn’t go too well. On his journey to the city, he encounters the city folk and there’s no warm conversation and friendly smiles to be seen. Rather, suspicious looks and cold sneers are what he is greeted with.


The big city welcomed the little pig with bared fangs, rejecting his different look. But the universe has sharper, more ferocious fangs, and when it flashes your way, you’ll be left jolted to the very bone.

Watch ‘Go To City ELE’ by Li Wen Yu (China) on Viddsee BUZZ:

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This animated short won the DigiCon6 Asia Next Generation Award at the 17th DigiCon7 Asia Awards in 2015. Judge Tatsutoshi Gon Nomura, professor of Tama Art University Department of Graphic Design and board director at the Japan Animation Association commended the film for balancing the serious theme of discrimination fairly through a light comical approach. For more on DigiCon6 Asia, visit here.



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