This Man’s Search For Meaning Led Him To Dangerous Heights And Thrills



This man was fading away into the background, as he went on with his everyday routine at work and home.

He just wanted to break loose and be free, like the planes in the sky.


But everyone was relying on him, so he kept his head down as he went through the motions of his monotonous life.


In dreams, he found moments of ecstasy.

It almost felt real until his waking life gave him an obstacle, his daughter.


Real and dream life merge to teach him what it really means to be free.

Finally, he’s empowered.

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‘Fly Out Blue’ was awarded the Best Short Film at the 2007 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. It also won the Best Animation Short at the 2008 Taipei Film Festival and Digital Contents Award – Silver Prize at the 2008 ASIAGRAPH in Shanghai.

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