This Moment With Her Was Five Years In The Making. He Cannot Fail.


A Gift Mallory ss3 krk

It was hard to say if Ching Chong had a promising future.

Back in high school, he and his friends Heavy and Richie, didn’t have very outstanding performances, got into trouble sometimes, and even the school gardener didn’t think much of him.

A Gift Mallory ss4 krk

But they were a tight bunch, and they had the best of times together.

Five years on Ching Chong still had his eye on the same girl he had a crush on back in high school.

They had their encounters back in school, but it never amounted to anything more than just shy, embarrassing moments.

A Gift Mallory ss2 krk

Five years on, Ching Chong has crafted the perfect moment and scenario to present her a gift.

It’s been a long time in the making, and nothing can go wrong.

A Gift Mallory ss1 krk

Nothing? Of course everything goes wrong.

But somehow, everything falls into place…

Watch ‘A Gift’ by Mallory Lee (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘A Gift’ was a finalist in the BMW Shorties competition in Malaysia.

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