This Mother Ended The Bullying Her Daughter Faced, But At A Heavy Price



She was just a single mother, trying to bring up her disabled teenaged daughter.

But the bullies wouldn’t have that.


They lived right there in her neighbourhood and tormented her and her daughter to no end.

They throw stones and paint at her house, burnt the door and gave them hell at every opportunity.


They even pinned her helpless daughter down and cut off her hair.


She went to the authorities several times, but they turned down all her pleas for help, dismissing it as an ‘overreaction’.

And that’s when she realised something.


No one was going to help them, protect them.

If she wanted to end the bullying, she’d have to take matters into her own hands.

No matter how heavy the price was.

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Inspired by a real-life story, ‘This is Vanity’ won Best Drama at Magnolia Independent Film Festival 2013, Audience Choice at Bermuda International Film Festival 2013 and Audience Choice at Lowcountry Shorts Fest 2013. It also received nominations and was screened at many other film festivals including Shnit, Fingal, Brantford, Brooklyn, and London Independent.

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