This Mysterious Girl Freaks Him Out, Then Turns His Life Around


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Joe is fed up with life as a loser without direction. He’s about to commit suicide.

A mysterious girl shows up at the scene, mocking and threatening to help him complete the mission.

She freaked him out, and then turned his life around. She claims to be a girl from the future, and accurately predicts the sequences of events in his life’s future.

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Joe skepticism turns into curiosity as they spend more time together. He’s asked questions about her, but she was never able to reveal much about herself. He let his guard down, and began to enjoy her company tremendously.

He learnt how to dream, he learnt to believe, to discover his own imagination.

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He found confidence.

When that finally happened, the girl disappeared just as mysteriously. But he had a new lease of life, a purpose.

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And he that would be all he needed to finally see her again, in this other life.

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