This Orphan Boy’s Longing For A Mother’s Warmth Was A Mystery, At First


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Osman Effendi, the orphanage caretaker, had a mystery to solve. The rations were short and it a young thief had struck again: same place, same item, same time.

It was an unusual occurrence. Suspecting that it was just a young boy acting out, he gets the management’s approval to hunt down the culprit.

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The case of that one loaf of missing bread needed to be cracked. What he found, however, that one of the boys was missing even more than that.

It was a stand-in for a memory he had, a comfort he couldn’t find in this cold, uncertain institution where he now lived his days.

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Something else was missing from this picture. It was an irreplaceable love, found for temporary comfort, in most unlikely of places.

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