This Romantic Pilot Will Sing, Dance and Fly His Way To Love



Justin is a regular patron in his uncle’s barber shop.


The beautiful assistant, Panam, makes Justin’s heart go ooh lah lah!


This confession of love is finally ready to happen, but by the time he works up the courage, she’s already on a plane back to Shanghai.


So Justin cooks up a romantic and grand gesture, to show Panam that his love for her can travel the world. It is rumoured she has a thing for pilots (what luck!), what could be more appropriate?


Can this pilot land the deal? Will he fail? Travel with Justin as he sings, dances, and flies to his moment of truth…

Watch ‘PANAM 98 (泛美 98)’ by Jimmy Lee (李平山) (Hong Kong) on Viddsee

Here’s another Hong Kong short film! In a world where liars drop dead, a musician sings a love song to his ex-girlfriend. Watch ‘Tell Lies and Die’ on Viddsee.

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