This Son’s Greed & Arrogance Leads Him Home As A Broke, Broken Man


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Money was all he cared for.

Amir is nothing like his father. He lives in the city, he’s handsome, he’s unapologetic for his flashy, luxurious lifestyle. His father? His father is old, crazy, and lives in the village.

But everything he owns is built on debt and on money that is not his. He heads home when he’s given the ultimatum to settle his debt in three days.

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He knows there’s a way out — by selling the last of his family’s land.

No one is happy about his return. It takes a toll on his father’s frail health.

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Even then, he still had his eyes on the family’s assets.

But not all was lost, as he later learns humility and the truth about his father’s legacy.

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