This Young Blossom Chooses Her Own Adventure


A sparkly eyed pink blossom pushes out of the ground

Beybi is a budding young blossom — innocent and full of curiosity for the world beyond the walls of her nursery.

The matron wagging her finger and saying no

Like any young blossom, not all her desires can be fulfilled. She’ll just have to be obedient and understand that decisions made on her behalf are in her best interests.

Nursery with door ajar, and footprints leading beyond sign that says 'do not go outside'

The determination of a young blossom cannot be quenched by simple instructions. To her caregiver’s horror, Beybi successfully breaks out one day.

skipping around with her new friend

Outside, Beybi experiences her first joys of friendship, free from the stifling confines of her nursery. It’s a big world out there, and she’s going to see it all. What could possibly go wrong?

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