This Young Housemaid Is Caged By Poverty, Treated Like A Dog


Boonrerm SS_01

Housemaids or domestic helpers have a unique place in Southeast Asian society.

They are the hired help who lives, eats and in an ideal situation, becomes part of the employer’s family.

For many, it’s their best option for work. This certainly was the case for Boonrerm, whose mother is sick.

Boonrerm SS_02

She’s the perfect help, dedicated and hardworking, even if her employer’s demands grow increasingly unreasonable.

She’s worried that if she doesn’t endure the requests, she won’t get paid.

Boonrerm SS_03

But every person has their price… and a breaking point.

And in life, sometimes a better option is just around the corner.

Watch ‘Boonrerm’ by Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand) on Viddsee:

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