This Young Student Gives Her Teacher A Lesson On Empowerment


After Class SS3 KRK

Pia is a Filipino teacher who’s about to learn a big life lesson.

While waiting for her transport home, she strikes up a conversation with a bubbly young student, Kelsey.

The bubbly young girl takes Pia on an imaginary ride in the school grounds. They chat in a lively manner, using fictional names for each other and making sound effects.

But when Pia and Kelsey trade stories with each other, the conversation becomes more serious. They talk about the men in their lives who cause them pain.

After Class SS4 KRK

Pia masks her domestic problems, but Kelsey senses that they aren’t just skin deep.

So Kelsey feeds Pia sage advice, over and over again. Her message is clear: Pia must take ownership of her life again.

Watch ‘After Class’ by Gino Jose (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Gino’s film was in the official selection at the Chaktomuk Short Film Festival.

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