This Young Teen’s Job May Kill Him, But He Loves Every Minute Of It



The steel bar of Abdul’s motorbike has impaled his side. He’s also previously dislocated both his knees and his left shoulder.

But to this 17-year old, quitting the Tong Setan (Demon’s Barrel) is an inconceivable option. “I’ll never stop,” he says with a fearless grin.


To a cynic, this can all be chalked up to the folly of youth, the no-expense-barred chase for extreme pleasures.


Being a racer at the most popular attraction at the fun fair does come with its perks – performance tips, respect, the admiration of women.

But for most, it’s just another way of making a living. While they defy gravity and death, family members wait for their next paycheque in far-flung villages.


These Tong Setan racers ride the fine line between genius and insanity as they put everything on the line, for guts, glory and their family.

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