They Say All Men Are Dogs. It Might Just Be True In This Case.


Dog In My House SS2 KRK

It is often said that men are dogs.

In this case, it was true. Well, almost.

Yuan, a young lady who works at a convenience store, has a good-for-nothing boyfriend Wei. She dreams of studying in France, and has been secretly saving money for it. Wei lives off her and yet does not treat her well.

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In a fit of anger, she cooks him a dish using dog food that her boss had passed to her. To her utter surprise, he loves it and demands that she cook it for him every day.

She does so, with a mix of guilt and curiosity, and he keeps slurping it right off the bowl.

Then one day, he suddenly disappears. In his place, Yuan finds a dog who is disturbingly similar to Wei, and even answers to his name.

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Yuan even asks an amused vet if it’s possible for a human to turn into a dog.

With mixed feelings, Yuan continues to take good care of the dog, and even going out of the way for him, just like she used to for Wei.

Then one day, something happens, and it changes everything for Yuan.

Watch ‘He’s A Dog In My House’ by Shih-Han Tsao (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘He’s A Dog In My House’ was featured at a number of film festivals: the Poitiers Film Festival, the Eugene International Film Festival, the Bangkok International Student Film Festival, the Taiwan Golden Bell Awards and the Beijing International Student Film Festival.

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